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what we do

At Nicholas Hythe, our aim is to make the kitchen renovation process as simple, efficient, safe and stress free for clients wanting to improve their family’s home in order to live their best life

Free no-obligation kitchen design visit
Full, end to end project management
Small building works and electrics
Highest quality finishing touches
After-care and guarantee as standard

Whatever your budget your new kitchen needs to reflect how you and your family want to use it both now and the future, which is only brought to life through a design that is unique and personal to you.

Home and family has never been as important as it is now so we at Nicholas Hythe work closely with you to design a space that meets the way you and your family actually live and use your kitchen; making it the central point of your home by bringing your dream room to life. We consider every detail, from the look, to the atmosphere you want to create, and we’ll design a bespoke fitted kitchen that works with the way you live, not against it..

With an almost infinite range of kitchen styles to choose from, to suit your home and your budget, we offer a personal design service that will deliver a fitted kitchen to unite functionality, practicality and effortless style. From a shaker style to an oak design, we offer every possible variation for your new kitchen.

And then, unlike most of our competitors, we fully project manage the install of your new kitchen from end to end to ensure it meets our – and more importantly your – exacting standards

We are a family-owned and run kitchen company who recognises that our next job comes from delighting each and every client we serve.

This means that not only do we design and plan your new kitchen but, unlike most of our competitors, we will also fully project manage it’s complete installation – including small building works – fast and efficiently to save you unnecessary disruption. It is our job, not yours, to ensure your kitchen design and installation process is as seamless as possible.

Why not book an appointment and meet our team? We can walk you through our design studio and talk you through the services we offer, before booking a home visit and sitting down to design the ideal kitchen for the way you want to use it now and in the years to come

What’s your style?

Shaker style kitchens

Shaker-style kitchens work in just about any style of home because of the timeless look and versatility. There is nothing fussy or elaborate about the simple, clean styling.

Shaker Style Kitchens

Modern style kitchens

As the heart of the home, there is an overwhelming desire to create a modern environment that complements both the practicalities of a functional living space and at the same time is pleasing on the eye.

Modern Style Kitchens

Unlike other kitchen companies we deliver the complete kitchen design and installation service. From small building works to decoration and fitting including organising all the trades required, we project manage the entire process to ensure it runs smoothly and to time, from start to finish.

At Nicholas Hythe, everything we do is driven by our desire to deliver the dream kitchen that meets each client’s personal aspirations, lifestyle and budget. Our infinite range of high quality kitchens are designed to create the individually personalised room that matches your imagination, lifestyle, aspirations and budget, expertly installed to make the most of every last bit of space you have available

A new kitchen means starting with a blank canvas. You’ll be inspired by our innovative, creative kitchen design and end to end, fully project-managed installation service to help you create the very best kitchen for you today and the years ahead.