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Are the 1970s making a comeback in today’s kitchen designs?

Bill Halliday

Are the 1970s making a comeback in today’s kitchen designs?

Oh the ‘70s – the decade remembered for economic crises, public sector strikes, water shortages and the Queen’s Jubilee.  Sound familiar in 2012?

The 1970s are also remembered for glam-rock, punk and disco and, if you were growing up as I was, the classic must have toys such as the Space Hopper, Chopper bike, skateboard and the smurfs!

That little wave of nostalgia was brought on by the plethora of TV programmes about the decade on currently and a comment by my brother and business partner after I’d mentioned that the pictures of a kitchen we’d recently installed had a very modern yet retro feel.

Increasingly, and as we’ve mentioned previously – and written in our annual design trends report – clients are today looking for kitchen designs that have clean lines, require little cleaning, have bright finishes that reflect – and make the most of – the entire natural light available and as little ‘frippery’ as possible.  Features such as contemporary slab doors as shown here, high level built in ovens and microwaves  (easier to use and clean), wipe clean induction hobs and coloured glass splashbacks are all increasingly being requested.

We’ve also had many requests lately not to include handles in our designs.  Handleless doors are much more popular than traditional handled or push-to-open ones and complement the current trend for clean, unspoiled lines. Door manufacturers have recognised these trends – and especially recognise that kitchen design fashion needs more than just a white solution!  For example in the range above clients can choose from ivory, alabaster and even wood finishes but the end desire is the same – less cleaning and a sleek look.  Thankfully they no longer have the awful metal trims of the 1970s!

Perhaps the 70s aren’t as long ago as we thought!  I am, for the record, refusing point blank to wear platform boots or flares!

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