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Kitchen Designs that never go out of style

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Kitchen Designs that never go out of style

A new kitchen, whatever your budget, is a big investment.  So, you’ll want to know what are the kitchen designs that never go out of style and stand the test of time

Kitchens need to be both practical and stylish, as it’s somewhere you spend a lot of time alone or with friends, so it’s somewhere you should want to be but also be functional.

Innovative design, new technology or materials, and changing lifestyles ensure that kitchen design never remains static. This can be both exciting and frustrating in equal measure depending on whether you’re about to choose a new kitchen or you’ve had one installed not long ago and you might feel you missed out on some exciting innovations.

So here are some kitchen designs and features that will likely never go out of fashion:

1. Neutral colours

The number one feature to think about for kitchen designs that never go out of style is the colour you want. This might seem an obvious, or even dull, place to start but let’s face it – neutral colours have always worked in the kitchen and always will.

Unlike bold and striking colours, which can go out of fashion or you just fall out of love with them, neutral colours tend to be a better investment in the long run whether it’s your forever home of if you’re planning on moving in the future.

However, neutral doesn’t mean boring! There are fantastic examples of kitchen designs making the most of neutral furniture colours with the use dashes of striking colours in other areas such as splashbacks, flooring, wall finishes or even appliances such as toasters and kettles.


2. Kitchen designs that never go out of style number 1 – the Timeless look

The traditional style kitchen has already stood the test of time, and it’s a something we don’t see going away.

In addition to looking beautiful, these kitchens tend to be practical with excellent features such as the large farmhouse-style sink, use of wood, painted effects and natural products to add to the warmth and ‘cosyness’ people often crave from these designs.

Traditional kitchens are possible to incorporate into almost any home too, hence their popularity.

3. Kitchen designs that never go out of style number 2 – the more modern look

Another thing to think about for kitchen designs that never go out of style is the style you prefer.  Shaker style kitchens are distinctive and remain popular due to their timeless look and simple, clean lines. Shaker kitchens are elegant and timeless and regardless of the look you settle on, you can guarantee that it will remain current for years to come. It is also renowned for its functionality and durability.

Modern living can be incorporated with free standing central islands and the use of chrome and gloss paint finishes, adds a fresh approach to the timeless styling.

4. Granite & Quartz Worktops

A little more expensive, but for a good reason. Stone work surfaces exudes quality and its durability lends itself to an enduring kitchen style.

Get the right worktop for you and the final look can be nothing short of glorious, adding character and oozing luxury.

There are many styles and colours to choose from, but broadly speaking it’s a finish that will always be in vogue.

There are many finishes available with these surfaces but, on the whole, their reflective nature allows lighting to stand out even further, leading us on to…


5. Good lighting

Getting the lighting right is a basic, but crucial element in any room design to achieve the right tone and atmosphere.

The right lighting is vital in a kitchen, as it has a very direct practical purpose and creates the right mood when you’re not just preparing meals. So it’s important to get substance and style.

LED lights have been a mainstay in kitchens for a while now, adding contemporary style and brightness along with efficiency. So this will only continue though choosing the right colour lamps for your room is of real importance.

And there are many additional lighting design features you can use to add a that bit of flair to your kitchen and offer different lighting solutions depending on your occasion.


6. Built-in and Integrated appliances

This is a forever changing aspect of the kitchen with, quite possibly, just too much to choose from! Choosing the right appliances that meet your existing or desired lifestyle is crucial and much emphasis is placed on capacity and flexibility, not to mention noise and energy ratings. Built-in ovens have changed immensely in the past few years and now offer features that were not even considered possible until recently.

The unbroken kitchen design that integrated appliances enable is worth it alone. They can be neater, sleeker, require less maintenance and be more practical, especially for the less mobile, by offering benefits such as eye level positioning.

If your laundry appliances are in your kitchen then building them into your design is a great alternative if you’re set on hiding them away.

7. Induction hobs

Many would be surprised to learn that induction hobs have been used in the UK for over 40 years.  Their popularity has increased substantially in the past few years and are here to stay. There is no denying they fit in perfectly with any style of kitchen. This is because they combine safety features and a full range of flexibility and control that is not available with any other type of cooking appliance.  And, probably the biggest benefit, they’re so easy to keep clean!

8. The right sink

Sometimes in life, practicality wins over design – think of that five-door family hatchback you bought instead of the low-down, two-door sports car with a cubbyhole they cheekily call a ‘boot’.

That’s why choosing the right sink will create functionality and beauty at the same time. The material you want to see and work with could have a bearing on the style of kitchen you are creating but with ceramic, stainless steel and granite to select from, the choice of sinks available is endless, just make sure you can fit your dishes in. And we haven’t even started on kettle taps yet!

9. Islands

A kitchen island is another great design feature if you have the space and one that isn’t going away any time soon. They look great, they are versatile, and they add crucial storage space and seating too.

A kitchen island can be whatever you want it to be. Cooking area? Check. Additional storage? Check. Food preparation and dishing up area? Check. Seating for meal times? Absolutely!


10. Cooker Hoods and Extractors

Whichever style of kitchen you prefer, moving the air containing cooking odours is essential. You may opt for a design that incorporates a social aspect within your room so choosing an extractor which is noisy and in-effective can ruin the atmosphere you have worked so hard to create.

Whereas all will provide light to your cooking zone this is not enough. Many “cheaper” hoods will not extract air successfully on lower settings and simply turning up the motor may just help to drown out your conversation and give you a headache at the same time. A hood needs to work in tandem with the right sized ducting so linking to an existing plastic pipe could mean you are losing the benefits of your appliance. Always ask a specialist about this when designing your room as the consider this every single time they work on a kitchen.

Whatever your budget there are lots of features and designs you can incorporate into your kitchen to ensure it stands the test of time. If you need some help deciding on what these should be, then speak to one of our team at Nicholas Hythe to help you to design your dream kitchen.


So, if you’re inspired start thinking about what your ideal new kitchen might look like. Ask yourself what you’re really looking for and check out kitchen designs that never go out of style. Advice and design ideas are found all over the Web, including Nicholas HythePinterest, Houzz and many others.  You might also like to check out the other questions you should be asking yourself when looking for a new kitchen  

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