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Our Coronavirus safety measures

Our Coronavirus safety measures As we hope our Coronavirus planning updates show, we took the threat of Coronavirus very seriously.  As soon as the danger became evident in late February we constantly reviewed our protocols in the expectation that a business closure would be required. And, as a result, we closed our showroom prior to… read more

Compare our kitchen cabinets specifications

Do it once but do it well There are various levels of product quality to consider when you’re looking for a new kitchen. So, ‘do it once but do it well’ is a phrase never more apt when you’re installing a new one.  It’s a maxim we believe in, not just in our design ethos… read more

Kitchen sales prices – as good as they appear?

Are those kitchen sales prices as good as they appear? As we slowly emerge from lockdown a number of the national retailers are advertising their sales.’Free this…’, ‘lower price on that’, ‘free fitting’… Whilst the headline prices they quote may look attractive they are often designed purely to draw you in before giving the unwary… read more

Enjoy what’s important during COVID-19

There’s been little to celebrate since COVID-19 began its relentless march across the world. The ever-increasing death toll, the restrictions on what we would previously thought of as our inalienable rights; the right to go where we please when we want and to see who we want; to go to work and provide for our… read more

Will Coronavirus affect the future of kitchen design?

Will Coronavirus affect the future of kitchen design? What effect will Coronavirus have on the future of kitchen design and the way people use their kitchens if this is the ‘new normal’? Many families will be finding their kitchen under pressure during lockdown and until some semblance of normality returns.  Will this ‘new normal’ see… read more

Is your kitchen ready for future lockdowns?

Is your kitchen feeling the pressure of the Coronavirus lockdown? Is your kitchen ready for future lockdowns? Families forced to live in reduced personal space is putting pressure on many homes – and particularly – kitchens. And, because nobody really knows how long the restrictions will last, pressures on the family home will be greater… read more

Coronavirus Planning at Nicholas Hythe Kitchens

Update 20th July 2020 As of 24th July, the government has mandated that people entering shops must wear a face covering or risk a fine of £100.  There is no distinction in the current guidance about shops with higher visitor numbers and those such as ours which offer appointment only visits. We are therefore required… read more

Kitchen Designs that never go out of style

A new kitchen, whatever your budget, is a big investment.  So, you’ll want to know what are the kitchen designs that never go out of style and stand the test of time Kitchens need to be both practical and stylish, as it’s somewhere you spend a lot of time alone or with friends, so it’s… read more

Voted Best Showroom in Hunts is just the start

March was a big month for us at Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio here in St Ives! Firstly, due to the growth we continue to benefit from – certainly helped by industry ‘bible’ KBBreview magazine’s kind decision to vote us as their ‘Best Showroom in Huntingdon’ and nominate us as one of only four retailers… read more

Winning ‘Best Showroom in Huntingdonshire’ caps a great year

We’re not big on self-publicity; we’re more the type to keep our heads down and do a great job for our clients.  And because this year has been really busy, we initially missed the fact that we’d won the ‘Best Showroom in Huntingdonshire’ award from our industry’s leading magazine, Kbbreview (December 2014)! The mystery shopper… read more