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The ‘Two Dishwasher’ Trend in Modern Kitchens

Ross Halliday

The ‘Two Dishwasher’ Trend in Modern Kitchens

The ‘Two Dishwasher’ trend in modern kitchens is quickly becoming less unusual in modern kitchen design, particularly among larger families with the space and budget for this upgrade. Our experience at Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio underscores the growing popularity of this trend.

Why Two Dishwashers?

The rationale is simple and obvious when you think about it! In homes where the kitchen sees a lot of activity, especially those with large families, a single dishwasher can quickly become overwhelmed. The result? Pots, pans, and dishes pile up, cluttering the kitchen. This is where a second dishwasher becomes not just a luxury, but almost a necessity – helping to maintain a clean, organised space, which is crucial in open-plan designs where the kitchen is a focal point of the home.

Space and Budget: Key Considerations

For those considering this addition, space and budget are primary considerations. Households with the capacity to integrate two dishwashers view it as a valuable enhancement. This isn’t just about accommodating two appliances; it’s about smartly utilizing space to enhance kitchen functionality.

Design and Installation Insights

When planning for two dishwashers, it’s essential to consider the kitchen’s layout. Positioning them for optimal efficiency – perhaps flanking the sink – can make kitchen tasks more streamlined. Moreover, with the variety of models available, from traditional to drawer-style dishwashers, there’s a design to fit nearly every kitchen aesthetic and space requirement.

Budget-Friendly Options

While the idea may seem extravagant, it doesn’t always have to be a budget-buster. There are cost-effective models that can fulfil the need for a second unit without sacrificing quality or efficiency. This makes the concept accessible to a wider range of households.

Impact on Kitchen Dynamics

The addition of a second dishwasher goes beyond mere convenience. It transforms the way a kitchen functions. In a busy household, the ability to run one dishwasher while loading another can be a significant time-saver. This efficiency is particularly beneficial during gatherings or for families with hectic schedules.

A Shift in Kitchen Design Philosophy

At Nicholas Hythe, we view the rise of two dishwashers as part of a broader shift in kitchen design philosophy. Today’s kitchens are not just for cooking; they’re central hubs for family life and entertainment or multi-generational living. As such, they need to be equipped to handle the demands of modern lives, and two dishwashers represent a step in that direction.

A Customer’s Perspective on Dual Dishwashers

“I never realised how much of a game-changer having two dishwashers would be until we made the switch,” shared Emma W, a satisfied customer. “It’s transformed our kitchen routine. With our busy family life, we used to face a constant pile-up of dishes. Now, we can effortlessly manage the load without any kitchen clutter. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about maintaining a sense of calm and order both in the kitchen and with my husband and kids! I genuinely couldn’t imagine going back to having just one dishwasher again!”


Incorporating two dishwashers into kitchen designs is more than a trend: it’s a response to the evolving needs of households. It’s about creating a space that’s as efficient as it is welcoming. For those looking to upgrade, considering the ‘two dishwasher’ trend in modern kitchens is a step towards achieving a more functional (and harmonious!) home environment. At Nicholas Hythe Kitchen Design Studio, we’re committed to bringing these innovative solutions to our clients, ensuring their kitchens are not just beautiful but also perfectly matched to their lifestyle needs.


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