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Will Coronavirus affect the future of kitchen design?

Ross Halliday

Will Coronavirus affect the future of kitchen design?

Will Coronavirus affect the future of kitchen design?

What effect will Coronavirus have on the future of kitchen design and the way people use their kitchens if this is the ‘new normal’? Many families will be finding their kitchen under pressure during lockdown and until some semblance of normality returns.  Will this ‘new normal’ see people and companies re-evaluate the need for travel?  Has the service economy discovered most work and face-to-face meetings can be done from home via technology in less time and at lower cost?  What will be the long-term effect on the ‘grab and go’ and ‘always on the move’ culture so prevalent before Coronavirus?

As kitchen designers we believe the kitchen, already the central point of many homes, will become even more important.  Families getting used to spending more time together will be looking for creative kitchen design solutions.  They will look for more kitchen storage space, larger fridges and freezers and kitchen appliances such as wine coolers.  As a result, great fitted kitchen design will become ever more important.  As more people meet and eat at home they’ll need more space for those social gatherings with family and friends

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So, if you’re inspired and the opportunity to claim up to £1,000 cash back from NEFF is tempting, start thinking about what your ideal new kitchen might look like. Ask yourself, what effect will Coronavirus have on your kitchen and the way people will use it in future.  What do you need and want for it to function for you and your family? Then see the other questions you should be asking yourself and start looking for inspiration.  Advice and design ideas are found all over the Web, including Nicholas HythePinterest, Houzz and many others. .

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