Waste Removal

Removing your old kitchen and disposing of it responsibly is very important to us at Nicholas Hythe Kitchens. We only work with contractors who recycle responsibly.

The removal of an old kitchen to prepare the way for a new one creates an assortment of waste materials, all of which need disposing of. Most old kitchens will have a mix of wood, electrics, paper, glass, pipework and even batteries. The volume and assortment can be a challenge.

At Nicholas Hythe we only work with contractors with a responsible and diligent approach to environmental principles and recycling to ensure that we minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

Our contractors have to comply with modern legislation and regulations but we actively encourage them to sort old kitchens to determine what can be recycled and what cannot. We also ask them to confirm a minimum 80 per cent of the total waste collected is reused or recycled so you can be assured that your old kitchen is being used imaginatively to help others.

We are committed to the recycling of old kitchens as part of our environmental policy which also incorporates sourcing wood from sustainable supplies and ensuring that as many of our goods and services are sourced from as close to our St Ives headquarters as possible to reduce our green footprint.

Cabinet quality build

All our cabinets are of glued and dowelled construction at the factory for stronger joints and consistent quality. All units are supplied fully assembled so that your fitter isn’t wasting time building from flat pack or looking for missing components.

Turning CAD drawings into reality

Clients are often surprised that their finished kitchens look exactly like the CAD design drawings they had seen before ordering them. We are not. We produce CAD walk through designs so clients get a feeling of being in their new space.

Size doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen space – you can transform it with imaginative design and careful choice of appliances, cabinets, worktops and accessories. Visit our showroom to see what we mean.

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