Finishing Touches

It is all those finishing touches that will deliver the kitchen of your dreams. We can help you make the right choices by presenting the best options.

Once your kitchen has been designed it is essential to make the right choices for your worktops, lighting, flooring, appliances, storage solutions, fittings and accessories. There is a vast range for all of them – so knowing what is available and what works best for your new kitchen design is where our knowledge and experience can make a huge difference.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances need to deliver on a practical level but also look great in your new design. There is a huge range of styles in different finishes.

Kitchen fittings

Handles and knobs, sinks, taps and hinges. Kitchen fittings all play a significant part in achieving the wow factor in any new design scheme. Choose wisely.

Kitchen flooring

Flooring needs to have that wow factor but also withstand heavy wear. Compromising is a false economy. Choose wisely to ensure it remains as good looking and lasts as long as your kitchen.

Kitchen lighting

Lighting makes a massive difference to the overall impact of your new kitchen – it needs to be both practical and create the right ambience.

Kitchen storage solutions

Storage, storage, storage. The most common customer requirement for new kitchen design. Maximising the options is essential in successful kitchen design.

Kitchen worktops

Worktops make a huge impact on the overall look of your new kitchen. Wood, granite, Corian, quartz, laminate? We can help you choose.

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