Kitchen Fittings

Handles and knobs, sinks, taps and hinges. Kitchen fittings all play a significant part in achieving the wow factor in any new design scheme. Choose a style that meets your tastes and is practical for all users, especially if their hands offer restricted mobility.

The fittings you choose for your new kitchen can provide the finishing touches that can make a huge difference to the overall effect.

Kitchen fittings incorporate a wide range of elements including handles and knobs, kitchen sinks, taps, and hinges. They may not seem to be the most important choices you will have to make for your new kitchen but they can make quite an impact.

In our showroom we have an amazing selection for clients to look at including contemporary, traditional and classic handles and knobs in metal, wood and ceramic – and the choice of taps is just as impressive. Many people now also like to include a hose spray tap – while plumbed Quooker taps are also increasingly popular for providing timesaving instant boiling water.

Sinks tend to be in either stainless steel or the popular chunky Belfast version – but our design specialists will discuss the range of options available to you and show you examples of how they look in different settings. They can be round, square, rectangular and come with or without drainage grooves. Ultimately of course, the choice is yours.

Instant filtered and boiling water

The Quooker tap range is proving increasingly popular with clients, who see the benefit of having instant filtered and boiling water, literally on tap. Whilst they are not cheap – and there may be more important priorities – they can be an excellent investment if you’re regularly boiling the kettle or buying bottled water.

The kitchen hub

Many modern kitchens have a central island which has dual use as a food preparation area, meeting place, and snack bar. It becomes the hub for family social life. If you have space, it can be an imaginative addition.

Kitchen entertainment

Televisions and sound systems are now increasingly popular additions to modern kitchen installations and it is essential that these appear on a client’s wish list from the outset to ensure they are incorporated into any design scheme.

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