Kitchen Lighting

Lighting makes a massive difference to the overall impact of your new kitchen – it needs to be both practical but needs to create the right ambience.

There is little doubt that choosing the right lighting for your new kitchen can make a massive difference – improving usability, safety, look and feel. Some people end up having too much, too little or the wrong type.

Our starting point is listening to how customers want to use their new kitchen so we can design lighting options for their consideration. Lighting must obviously be practical but it also has the ability to create the ambience of the living space. Our designers place huge emphasis on the importance of kitchen lighting.

Task lighting helps ensure safe working and tends to be focused under wall cabinets where you are preparing food with knives; whilst ambient lighting helps create a softer, more relaxed feel by softening hard edges and removing shadows.

As kitchens are now much more than food preparation areas and have morphed into practical living spaces, modern LED lighting design allows you to change the ambience depending on what the space is being used for at any given time – while keeping running costs down.

Plan lighting at the outset

Lighting needs to be considered at the start of any kitchen design plan. Lighting experts advise on layering the effects so you have one area for working; another for dining and atmosphere and then a wow factor feature.

No kitchen ceiling lights…?

Sometimes, installing ceiling lights can be problematic depending on the height of your ceilings – but with the modern range of spotlights, down lighters, uplighters and LED strips now available placed in strategic places, kitchens can look stunning without them.

Benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting has transformed the market. They tend to be more expensive than traditional options but they last longer, are more energy efficient and much kinder to the environment. And they now come in an imaginative array of shapes and sizes – perfect for your kitchen.

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