Kitchen Storage Solutions

Storage, storage, storage. The most common customer requirement for new kitchen design. Maximising the options is essential in successful kitchen design

The whole purpose of an imaginatively designed kitchen is to provide the maximum amount of storage, work and living space whilst preserving a sleek and eye-catching look. That inevitably means being as creative as possible with storage solutions.

The most common complaint we hear about clients’ existing kitchens is that there is never enough space to keep everything. So our objective is clear – to make sure that you are optimising every last bit of storage space available. By achieving this, you are able to keep work surfaces clear and make your new kitchen look as large and spacious as possible.

There are a range of clever storage solutions available including full height wall units, easy access corner cabinets with ‘magic corners’, deep drawers and organisers, hanging units, units above the fridge, full height larders, islands and moveable trolleys.

Some designers may suggest ‘filler panels’ which don’t help to maximise the potential storage space. We see such spaces as a challenge and because of the bespoke nature of our unit manufacturing process we rarely need to resort to using ‘filler panels’ which hide wasted space.

Return of the larder

Larders preceded the arrival of the fridge but they are making a comeback with larder style solutions fitting into tall kitchen cabinets or cupboards with a series of connected shelves – perfect for vegetables.

Drawer storage solutions

Imaginative design of modern drawers is maximising storage space. Drawers can now be deeper to store pans and bigger items too. Dividers and a range of clever inserts can help maximise the drawer storage space available.

Making informed decisions

Don’t just create lots of kitchen storage space – physically work out what you want to store so that you create the right space for each kitchen accessory – whether it’s pots, pans, bowls, cutlery, cups, saucers or glasses. Everything then has its place depending upon your frequency of use.

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