Our Environmental Impact

Our green footprint and our commitment to the environment are very important to us as we seek to reduce our impact on the world around us.

Like all responsible businesses, Nicholas Hythe Kitchens takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Consumers today are more informed and conscious about the impact their choices have on the environment. By choosing Nicholas Hythe, you’re opting for a business that aligns with these values. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and sustainability is not merely lip service; it’s a pledge to you and future generations.

We, as are many of our clients, are concerned about the impact of our choices and their impact on the environment. At Nicholas Hythe, we believe that quality and sustainability should go hand in hand. Our responsibility towards the environment isn’t just a trend; it’s an ethos that permeates every facet of our operations.

We’re not perfect and are always looking to do more where we can. Whether its to reduce our own impact or to ensure your dream kitchen is more than a mere aesthetic upgrade; we’re committed to taking the steps required towards a more sustainable future.

Measures that we’ve invested in:

  • Eco-Friendly Fleet: All our company-leased cars are either hybrid or fully electric, minimising emissions.
  • Energy-Efficient Showroom and Office: From LED lighting to fully insulated loft spaces and heat-retentive windows, we’ve upgraded every corner of our showroom and offices to be energy-efficient.
  • Local Trade and Supply: We source 95% of our products from the UK. This not only reduces transportation emissions but also supports local businesses.
  • Waste Management: We recycle wherever possible, aiming for zero waste in our operations.

Long-term Cost Efficiency

Though the upfront costs of sustainable products and appliances can be higher, they offer significant long-term savings. Energy-efficient appliances and lighting, for example, can substantially lower your utility bills over time.

Future-Proofing Your Investment

As governments increasingly focus on climate change, new regulations are bound to be implemented. Adopting sustainable practices with regards to energy and water usage now means you’re ahead of the curve, making your investment future-proof.

Influencing what we can

We recognise that we will not affect global warming on our own. But if all companies and businesses and individuals were to adopt a responsible approach, together a great deal can be achieved. We are determined to play our part in that process.

We are always reviewing what we can do to further improve our environmental impact and consider ourselves to be local business ambassadors for supporting environmental responsibility.

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